Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Your inner activist awakens more fully this year, and you could become more involved in your community as a result. You shine as a leader this year, with Jupiter in your sector of social networks. In fact, you could decide to chair a board or join a professional organization. Any new person coming into your life at this time could play a significant role in helping you achieve your goals, especially on January 22 and November 24.

At the beginning of the year, emotional breakthroughs could help you deconstruct limiting psychological or karmic patterns to allow more abundance and joy into your life. This process will culminate in March, when trickster Uranus shifts into Taurus, encouraging you to excavate your past, mining through memories to separate dirt from gold. In this process, you could revisit your childhood home or spend more time with family. If asked to provide care for a relative, consider the financial implications and weigh the decision carefully. The same message applies to friends in need. You could also decide to make a move to plant roots in a new town in April or May.

The eclipse on January 21 closes an important if a somewhat challenging chapter of your love life, and you could have insights to guide your next steps, whether single or partnered. 2017 and 2018 offered big turning points for your relationships. Later this year, you will begin to make changes in how you communicate with your partner or love interest. Honor your health this year, and have any lingering issues checked out, especially in July.

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