Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

As an air sign, you have a remarkable mind and innovative solutions for solving complex problems. This month, however, your mind works in different ways. You could be slightly more distracted, dreamy, and imaginative. You could also be more in tune with others’ emotions and thus more sensitive to their needs. If you feel off balance, adjusting to this new way of being, realize you are developing new mental and emotional muscles.

Establish financial goals early in the month. The new moon on March 6 introduces economic opportunities, but they will take time to manifest. Mercury retrograde from March 5-28 invites you to look back on past financial decisions, urging you to learn from the past. Pat yourself on the back for successes; you deserve credit for what you’ve built so far, even if you see only a long way to go. Incrementally revisiting the past and reviewing the lessons you’ve learned can help clear energetic space so you can be more present.

Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6, starting a seven-year cycle of change in your home and family. You might wake up and see your house through a new lens, deciding it’s time to call a decorator or contractor. Move slowly, though, as you could change your mind about plans or make different decisions later in the year.

March means springtime, a season of renewal and rebirth, which starts on March 20, and you could reimagine yourself in relationships. Do you recognize what a gift you are to your loved ones and the world? If not, take note of your positive qualities, and love yourself without condition. In doing so, you might inadvertently insist on more from your relationships and restore balance. Venus in your sign from March 1 to the end of the month can help you experience more enjoyment in your love life, and the full moon on March 20 means romance for you, whether you’re single or involved.

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