2019 will be a year of adventure if you dare to step beyond fear and follow your heart. For some, that might mean travel. Others might experience exciting career developments, while others may have exploits in love. The universe needs your “yes,” and then it will set into motion a fantastic chain of events. In January and July, seemingly preordained circumstances could inspire faith in the supernatural. Explore the meaning in all extraordinary encounters or synchronicities.

Saturn’s influence in your career sector can help you achieve incredible success, but you need to remain dedicated and disciplined. See any delays as opportunities to course correct, and stay focused on your goals. You may have grown as an expert in your field. If so, you are ready to teach others or write a book. Jupiter shines in your sector of publishing this year, helping secure relationships with agents and publishers. In December, it moves to the top of your chart, offering you visibility and recognition. Take a moment late in the year to pause and celebrate your accomplishments before making a career transition.  

The eclipses in January, July, and December highlight changes within your home and family. With career and home lives in a bit of a flux, watch your spending and save money. You could see financial changes in December.

Mercury goes retrograde in March, July, and late October. Do not dwell on past relationships; stay grounded in the present. Rather than chase a love interest, relax and allow things to unfold naturally.

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