Have the past seven years have been like a roller-coaster ride adventure for you? Electrifying (sometimes terrifying) Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, has been in your sign since 2011. Life may have offered you some surprises during that time. Well, I have good news. It finally moves from your sign into Taurus on May 15. Take a deep breath. You are living the new normal, and you can relax for a few months before it goes retrograde. In all areas of your life, you might feel more settled in, focused, and ready to commit to your relationships and career in new ways. You have a more definite sense of your life purpose and desired destination. Now, set your guidance system accordingly, and you can get anywhere you want to go (metaphorically and literally). 

At the beginning of the month, Mercury will move through your sign, firing up your brainstorming skills. You could find the inspiration to start a new project, one that requires mental focus. This is an excellent time to form new relationships with customers and clients or pitch your ideas. You have a way with words, and you could appear a little more charming and intelligent. By May 13, close deals and sign contracts. Don’t forget to invoice! Your financial affairs look favorable, especially with the New Moon in Taurus on May 15. Try to budget wisely, and you can end the month with a surplus. 

On May 15, your ruling planet changes signs, moving from hard-working Capricorn to humanitarian Aquarius. If you have been working diligently throughout the past two months, you could expect a reprieve. Your efforts will be fruitful, but you may not know how until later this year. Even if you have been frustrated with your vocation or have felt a lack of direction, you may have needed that internal pressure to help you access the necessary courage to make a life change. Mars will help boost your confidence this month. So, dream big. 

After May 20, your social life becomes quite active, especially with the Full Moon on May 29. This will help any of you who are single and hoping to manifest a new relationship. For those of you who are involved, you and your partner might discuss a change in living arrangements after May 19. If you live together, you might find ways to make your nest even cozier. Understand that the shifts you’ve experienced over the past seven years have made you a different person, a more enlightened one at that. Relationship questions could arise for you as Uranus moves out of your sign. You have already learned lessons in independence. Now, perhaps, you’re ready for a new set of relationship challenges. Hang on for the ride! 

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