You are energized right now, ready to say “yes” to love and life. Because of this, you’ll probably want to accept all invitations, so you don’t miss out on a good time or favorable opportunity. Instead, relieve yourself of that added pressure. Trust you’ll find your way to exactly where you most need to be at any given time and allow yourself to flow with life.

House projects pull your focus in the middle of the month, especially from June 14-21. You might decide to start a renovation project or make a significant change. Tear down walls or clear out any clutter. Anything you do to restructure your home will add new dimensions to your life. Just ask any Feng Shui expert! If you’ve been thinking about making a move, expect the plan to unfold after June 21.

Your mind is quite active this month and ready to learn something new. The new moon on June 3 offers you a bright idea. Seek information from trusted friends and community members. Then, follow up by taking action steps.

In business, focus on communication, strategy, and marketing. Use your creative insights to kickstart new projects. With so much momentum, you have what it takes to launch an endeavor.

The full moon on June 17 heightens your wanderlust. What new landscapes will you explore? Start by adopting a freer mindset. See yourself as capable of going and doing without limitation. An adventure awaits, and it could involve a new beginning for your love life.

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