On March 20, the sun enters your sign and ushers in a new astrological year for all of us. Since your birthday is your new solar year, think about what you want to start, launch, or endeavor over the next 12 months. The past several years have probably brought you much change. Despite some turbulence, you boldly forged ahead, overcoming fear in the process. It is time for another expansion process as you allow yourself to manifest the future you desire. At this point, anything is possible. So, keep your thoughts positive and surround yourself with supportive, helpful friends.

The New Moon on March 17 activates your sensitive side. You might find yourself dealing with a situation from the past after March 22. Any unresolved conflicts or unfinished business could come up for you reach completion. After all, beginnings often come as a result of some necessary endings.  

After March 17, you could feel motivated to reach a new audience with your work. Take credit for your accomplishments, especially if your work has gone unrecognized by others. You might even want to promote yourself in new ways, like starting a podcast, submitting a proposal, or launching a Kickstarter campaign for a creative project. By the time the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, your efforts will be rewarded.

Your love life gets a boost with Venus transiting into your sign on March 6 and up to March 30. If you are happily single, this influence will illuminate your social life. When Venus shines her light in your sign, you look and feel good. With that extra confidence, you are a magnet for attention.

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