At times this month, you could feel as if you’re rowing a boat upstream, pushing against the current. Rather than try to force your way through turbulence, stop and ask yourself if there’s an easier way. Ride with the flow of life’s current, and don’t be afraid to let go, knowing you’re supported in more ways you can see right now. 

The Full Moon in your sign on October 13 highlights relationships, especially partnerships. Use the boost of courage from this influence to open up and share your feelings with another person. Mars in your opposite sign could help you keep your cool in a conflict, especially on October 27. Remember to go with the flow. 

Professionally, you have been climbing to a new peak, but you might sense some change about to manifest at the beginning of the year. You are learning what it means to be the agent of your life, and thus, mastering lessons about power and authority. These could come to a head this month, especially from October 7-14. Resist power struggles, as these are often battles of ego. Embody the highest form of power, which is love. 

The New Moon on October 27 shines a light on your love life, allowing you to release doubts about deeply committing to another. Even if you are happily married, you may discover ways in which you limit the flow of love, either by having critical thoughts or by holding back in some way. Let go of control and feel it all -- the fear and excitement. Trust love. 

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