Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Throughout 2019, the North Node will be transiting your sign, prompting you to take charge of your destiny and live a more purposeful life. You will confront several of your deepest fears as they surface from within your subconscious, especially relationship or commitment ones. To face and overcome these fears, allow yourself to relax and breathe to relieve anxiety. Trust yourself, and then, from that position of power, let down your guard with others. Your vulnerability can be your core strength this year. Saturn could provoke your inner critic, but don’t give it power. Otherwise, you could project self-judgments or control issues onto others unnecessarily.

The eclipses in January, July, and December will offer life lessons on how to be autonomous within a committed relationship. Ultimately, your goal is to find a balance, but the planets are stacked in your relationship sector, suggesting this will likely be your top priority. Some of you single Cancers might enjoy reading that! Commitment is a keyword, whether it’s with a business or life partner. Your core relationships will serve as the fulcrums for your soul growth and spiritual evolution. J

upiter in Sagittarius encourages you to be bold when going after a promotion, pursuing new clients, or following job leads. Luck is on your side.

Uranus, the planet of surprises, moves into Taurus on March 6, adding some excitement to your social life. Your circle of friends may change unexpectedly. You could also receive invites to events where you will meet interesting new connections with people who align with your future path.

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