Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Have you ever done yoga? If so, you know how some poses stretch you way beyond your comfort zone. Some might even shift you out of balance, but your body leans in new ways to adjust. You learn to relax into those poses, and over time, you build new muscles, becoming stronger. This month could feel like one amazing (and long) yoga class. You’ll be stretched in new ways and, by the end of the month, you will feel ready to rise to new levels of success. 

The Sun and Neptune team up in your ninth house on March 4. You could be inspired to take a long trip. You could also receive an invitation to teach or speak as an expert in your field. This is a highly creative time when you will want to find ways to express your brilliant ideas. 

Your career is a definite highlight this month, and you have the energy to form new partnerships or alliances to manifest successful endeavors. After March 22, Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks. This is a time to complete past projects and clear space for what’s to come at the end of April.

Mars heats up your love life after March 16. If you are in a relationship, Saturn’s influence in your seventh house could mean commitment for you and your partner. You might decide to make a joint purchase, like a home or business, start a family, or get engaged. If you are single and wanting to manifest a relationship, let go of the past to open your heart for the future. Then, relax and allow love to come to you.


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