Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Your soul has chosen an interesting lifetime. To be alive at this moment in history means you’ve signed up for an adventure. Moreover, you were born in this era as a Cancer, a cardinal sign with an inherent urge to make things happen. Well, this month, you could receive significant insights about how to be an even more dynamic agent of change. You could accept an invitation to join a professional group or be elected to the board of your favorite cause. You might even think: It’s time to run for office! If your heart moves you to action, you will start planting seeds that will bloom for years to come. Pay attention to what happens on May 15, as the events of that day could ripple change throughout your life. 

Your relationships could undergo significant shifts this month. You may question whether others are taking advantage of your generosity. You are loyal to those you love, but you could be reminded to prioritize reciprocal relationships. A new friendship paradigm is starting for you—one that allows you to be more of a leader. So, surround yourself with supportive allies and especially people who make you laugh. 

Speaking of relationships, the planet Saturn, the planet of stability and commitment, is moving backward through your house of partnership. This influence could trigger some nostalgia, but be careful not to idealize an ex. Maybe they were a great person, but more likely, you probably liked who you were at the time of that relationship. Reawaken some of the traits you appreciate in yourself, and you can return to the present moment, readier to experience big love now. Saturn’s influence can deepen your desire for a long-term relationship. If you are single, this could mean it’s time for you to unguard your heart. 

Professional opportunities this month could lead to long-term financial growth.  So, pay attention to any out-of-the-blue ideas about how to increase your earning potential. Focus on broadening your professional network. You could make significant connections this month, especially on May 15. 

Venus enters your sign on May 19, ushering in a great time to get a makeover or even wholly rebrand yourself.  It will be in your sign until June 13, helping you shine your brightest. 


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