Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

The month begins on a high note. Your mind is sharp and active, and you have brilliant ideas to share. Because of this, you might feel like a soft-shelled Cancer, open-hearted, and ready to form deeper connections with neighbors, family, and friends. Take advantage of this energy, and go out of your way to meet new people. Network, join a community organization, volunteer for your favorite cause, and converse with neighbors. By doing so, you could welcome a breakthrough in your personal life. 

The Full Moon on September 13 invites you on a new adventure, and you could be led to travel. If you cannot get away, then at least explore a new local scene or venue. Step outside your comfort zone, and you could have a significant spiritual awakening. 

After that, your attention turns to home and family. You could be called upon to help a loved one in need after September 23. If you have considered making changes in your home, Venus helps the cause after September 14. You may be inspired to redesign or decorate your space. 

You’ve been in a period of self-reflection, and this has perhaps shifted your love life. You still have discoveries to make, especially from September 18-22. Dedicate yourself to personal growth this month, and dig deep within your psyche to uncover hidden fears or illusions. Then, you will see improvements in all of your relationships. If you are dating, the New Moon on September 28 could be a favorable time to solidify a commitment with your significant other. 

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