Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) 

We have aspects of ourselves that we cannot easily recognize, and we draw relationships into our lives to mirror those aspects. This process offers us a chance to become more integrated and whole, but it’s not always easy! If you notice yourself having judgments about others or struggling with personality conflicts, ask yourself, “What about myself is this situation allowing me to see?” Be open to loving and accepting even the most annoying, frustrating aspects of yourself, especially from June 14-21.

At the beginning of the month, your work is in a good groove. You feel accomplished and on top of your tasks. Try to keep everything in the right balance, making sure to get enough downtime. Honor your health, too, by getting exercise and taking supplements. Pay special attention to your digestion around the time of the new moon on June 3. You may be more sensitive to foods and allergens.

With Mars in your sector of agents and representatives, you may have to renegotiate a contract or seek new representation. The same applies to business partnerships. If you have concerns, express them honestly and directly. If you’re not satisfied with those relationships, you could decide to go in a new direction at the end of the month.

Your love life is undergoing a metamorphosis, no matter what your relationship status may be. Throughout the month, you have insights about how to have a more fulfilling experience of love and relationships, leading up to a breakthrough around June 27.

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