Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is drawing to a close. Animals are coming out of hibernation, and you might see evidence of budding new life all around. You, too, are changing, opening in new ways. Perhaps you were stuck in the cave of your office for longer hours than usual over the winter. Or maybe you were a little more withdrawn during the past two months. Well, that is about to change! It’s time to spring forward and come into the light. This is a social season for you, too. So, get ready to have fun! Say yes to any compelling invitation you receive, venture out to explore new places, and connect with friends as much as you can to make the most of this time. 

Venus enters your fourth house on March 6, and you may be inspired to purchase new furniture or redecorate areas of your home. Make major decisions before March 22, when Mercury stations retrograde. After that time, you could focus on spring cleaning. Mercury retrograde triggers our sentimental side, making it a great time to go through old photos or go through storage boxes. 

Professionally, think of this month as a calm break before a busy April. Take breaks this month to relax and recharge. On March 17, the New Moon activates your third house, and this would be a great time to develop social media or marketing strategies. Sign up for continuing education courses or trainings this month, too. 

In love, much of this month’s energy involves nesting and working on making your home a sanctuary. Look for Feng Shui tips to improve your love corner, especially if you are single. Changing the energy of your space could change your love life. 

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