Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Studies have shown if you walk through a crowd deliberately, with your focus set on where you’re going, people will move out of the way. Apply this metaphor to life, and you can move through any challenges. Keep looking three steps ahead. Tests of faith could lead you to ask if you’re moving in the right direction, especially October 7-14. Your dedicated efforts will pay off, but you may need to rethink action steps. On a positive note, you could be more motivated to start a new business, promote yourself, or pursue a job lead.

The Full Moon on October 13 pulls your focus to matters of the home, and you could finalize a real estate transaction or decide to renovate your living space. Family obligations could lead you to question a professional pursuit. Balance is your keyword.

On October 8, Venus shines a light on your social life. Around October 20, you could meet with a friend or colleague who could play an important role in your life. Accept invitations, especially around the time of the New Moon on October 27. 

Your love life may not be a top priority. So, you will need to make a point to show affection to your significant other in small ways throughout the month. Otherwise, you could feel disconnected, especially around October 12. October 21 is a good day for romance. Neptune’s influence makes any new connection seem like a gift from the divine. Open your heart and mind, and you may witness a miracle.

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