Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

Money and relationships are predominant themes for you in 2019. This is a root chakra year, one in which you need to be grounded in the present but considering the future to make wise financial decisions. On January 5, a solar eclipse offers important clues about what might unfold in the year ahead. Pay particular attention if you hear talk of investment opportunities or possible mergers.

If someone approaches you about forming a business partnership, proceed with careful optimism, as this relationship could fast-forward your success. Jupiter, the planet of luck, shines favorably in your partnership sector until next December, helping you forge alliances that, at first, may seem too good to be true. Balance intuition and logic as you sign contracts but privilege your sixth sense. If you have overlooked any warning signs in business, you will have second chances to see more clearly and course correct if necessary in mid-January, June, or September.

The influences of Pluto and Saturn can empower you to be a more dynamic voice for change in the world. You are becoming quite an influencer. Also, you could feel a hint of magic and a touch of the supernatural in all you do, but focus that power in the physical realm.

The eclipses in January, July, and December support you in working through self-worth issues, but this work may lead to a personal transformation as you make space for a more integrated self. Exciting shifts in your love life could provoke this evolution, whether you’re single or involved.

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