Gemini (May 20 – June 20):

Mercury, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on March 22. Up to that point, take charge of your life, and make things happen. Then, slow down your pace to enjoy the change of seasons, reflect on the past, and relax. Mercury’s slow motion does not need to stir frustration if you use the energy in the right ways. During a retrograde period, you may experience more delays than usual or changes in plans. Flow with it, and life will feel like a curious adventure. 

At the end of the month, the less you try to control or schedule your life, the more you will enjoy life as you know it. Creative ideas could inspire you to make career changes. When the Sun and Neptune meet up in your tenth house, you may even come up with a million dollar idea. If so, use the energy of the New Moon on March 17 to connect with potential partners, investors, or friends for brainstorming and more. 

Mercury and Venus will both be shining upon your social life. Say yes to any invitations, especially if they involve travel. Adventure awaits. You could connect with new friends or groups of people anytime after March 6. One of the great talents you have as a Gemini is your ability to talk to anyone about almost anything. Use it wisely, and you could meet a new friend for life, especially March 4. 

The Equinox on March 20 kicks off a new astrological year as the Sun enters Aries. This is a time to think about your future and dream big. What will you manifest? Keep a positive outlook and aim high. Your partner in life and your closest friends have your back and will support you in making your dreams come true. If you wish to manifest a partner, socialize with friends. You never know who could set you up to meet your person.

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