March Horoscopes

We start a new astrological year at the Equinox on March 20, when the Sun enters Aries. In the weeks leading up to that point, you may feel driven to start something new or take action to move forward in some area of your life. The influence of Aries can inspire you (regardless of your sun sign) to move, break out of your comfort zone, and overcome fears. I encourage you to take advantage of this energy, and let it motivate you to do at least one brave thing this month. 

At nighttime, when you first turn off the lights, you can’t see anything. Your eyes adjust, though, allowing you to see in new ways. You could feel this way at times throughout the month… in the dark. This month could feel transitional in many ways, and you might feel uncertain. Rather than looking for what’s next, try to see the present in new ways. 

Your logical mind might be confused about the future, wanting to know how to reach your desired destination, but your heart holds a reserve of faith. As the connecting point between your body and soul, it whispers to you, “Keep going. You’ve got this! It will all be okay.” 

When you connect to this guidance system, you trust, understanding life’s greatest adventures do not necessarily end in the outcomes you desired. Happy accidents happen, divine protection shifts you in a new direction, or people come into your life, opening your perspective to consider other possibilities. What you might call a failure could turn out to be the greatest twist of fate, maybe even the start of a love story. 

Mercury stations retrograde on March 22, and you will have a chance to reflect on the first quarter of 2018. This is a time to make adjustments before moving ahead. April and May have some interesting transits, and if something in your life is not working for you, let it go now if it makes sense for you to do so. 

This is a spiritual month, a creative month, and a healing month. Take good care of YOU in whatever ways work best. Also important — practice grounding yourself and being in the present moment. To do this, you might try stopping throughout the day to take five deep breaths, listening to music, being in nature, and exercising.  

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