May Horoscopes

As we enter into the month, we get a nice break after April, when we experienced the buildup of dynamic cardinal energy... within a Mercury retrograde period. Quite frustrating! April ended with a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio that was pretty intense for us all because it brought up a whole a lot of suppressed or hidden issues, especially in relationships. Anything unsettled had to come to the surface, and you likely have had to get real about was or wasn't working for you. Now, take a deep breath. The first week of May is like the rest period In an interval training. Relax and enjoy it!

Then, on May 13, things start to intensify again. The biggest astrological event happening this month features the planet Uranus, the planet of change, surprises, and shocks. It moves into a new sign, Taurus, on May 15. When you think about this planet, think about lightening- sudden, and exciting. It’s all about breakthroughs and insights. Uranus moves into a new sign about every 7 years, and when it does, we experience changes in different areas of our lives.  

It’s funny because as I was dictating horoscopes, the word Uranus kept coming up as, “you’re on it!” So, I take that as a sign - a message. Let this be your mantra all month long, especially from the 15th until the 29th. You’re on it! Whether or not you think you are. You have all of the resources and capabilities to meet any challenge you face. You have more support than you realize. You are ON IT! 

Those of you born on a cusp are going to feel change looming more than others, particularly if you were born on the Aries/Taurus, Libra/Scorpio, Cancer / Leo, or Capricorn/ Aquarius cusps. The next few months will be a time of new beginning for you. This could be a period of your life filled with excitement and energy, when you have the courage to say, "I love you," to your person, make a move, leave a job and start your own business, start a family, or create a whole new look that expresses your true self. It’s a time for authenticity and bravery. Change may come suddenly or unexpectedly, catching you off guard. If so, gather supportive friends and move through this period as gracefully as you can. 

Uranus moves into Taurus on the day of the New Moon- May 15, when Mars also moves into Aquarius. This is a big day, and it will be significant for every single sign. 

After that, we settle into a new cycle, and the Sun’s ingress into Gemini on the 20th makes us chatty and curious up through the end of the month. It’s a great time for social events, or for gathering with like-minded friends to learn something new. 

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