June Horoscopes

The sun steals the show this month as it slides into Cancer on the solstice June 21. Anytime the sun enters a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), we can feel inspired to take action or to move forward in our lives. Cardinal ingresses happen at each equinox or solstice point. The equinox in March starts the astrological year, and it is a time for planting seeds. By the solstice in June, we begin to see a harvest. We can better see the manifestation of our intentions. In the Northern Hemisphere, cultures have celebrated the June solstice as a feast of fertility, abundance, and harvest. 

Shortly after the solstice, however, Mars stations retrograde and begins to square Uranus, which moved into Taurus in May shortly afterward, starting July 9. Mars is the planet of action, motivation, and conflict for a cause. In retrograde, Mars slows things down, allowing you time to reassess goals. A retrograde period is not usually a favorable time to launch a new endeavor, as we often feel pulled inward and could experience delays.

If conflicts arise with others, they serve to evolve the relationship. This isn't always comfortable! The same applies to groups or organizations. This could be a time for restructuring.  

Before the end of the month, if you have unresolved anger, you might consider finding ways to work through it, either through a therapeutic process or by journaling, physical exercise, or expressing it to the source. Whatever you do, don't suppress it! That leads to toxicity in your system and can do damage to relationships. Left unattended, it can turn into bitterness and resentment, which could delay your manifestations of abundance, joy, and love. Mars in retrograde asks you to journey back in time to retrieve suppressed and repressed anger, bring it to conscious awareness, and deal with it in healthy ways.

Because Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of social systems, community, and networks, you might realize that your anger is more systemic than personal. You might become fired up to speak your mind or involve yourself in activist efforts.  I will be writing a whole article about Mars in Retrograde later this month so you can see what it means for your sign.

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