July Horoscopes

This is going to be a month to remember because so much is changing both in our collective as well as in personal lives. You could feel fireworks all month long! If you feel like you're in a major transition but don't quite know what it's about, you're not alone. Several astrological indicators of change are all happening this month. 

First of all, we have two eclipses, a solar one on July 12 and a lunar one on July 27. In the two-week period between eclipses, you have powerful realizations about your life, including what changes you need to make to live a more purposeful life. You could feel heightened emotions as well, especially passion, frustration, or anger, as the moon will be conjunct Mars on the 27th just before the eclipse. 

In addition to the eclipses, we have several retrogrades. Mars is still retrograde. (Read more about that here.) Plus, Mercury stations retrograde on July 25. Therefore, this is not the best month to start something new, like a business, or dive deep into a new relationship with someone you just met. Take it slowly if you do meet someone special this month. There are too many shifting energies to feel stability in any one area of your life. This is a time for reexamination, but you do not have to immediately act on the information you uncover or impulses you feel. (Though you will want to!) In fact, it is best to fully accept your life (and the world) where it is right now and then determine practical steps you can take to improve your situation. The kinds of changes suggested by these eclipses are ones that manifest over a long period of time. They are not quick fixes. Gather information right now about next steps and take inventory of your life. Then, find healthy outlets for all of that energy you feel. 

Now, when I talk about intense emotions, I am not referring solely to the challenging ones! In fact, you will feel an elevation in those luscious emotions like love, joy, and excitement, too, and especially at the beginning of the month when the sun forms a trine with Jupiter on July 5 and Neptune a few days later on July 8. Emotions offer us information, and positive ones indicate we are in alignment with our higher selves. Allow yourself to feel it all!!

How will this influence the collective? Well, we will see! Since Uranus recently transited into Taurus, we are in a period of societal change. However, this is also the kind of change that manifests over time. Eclipses can speed up the change process, though. The chart of the USA (July 4, 1776) features a North Node at 6˚36' Leo, very close to the degree of the lunar eclipse on July 27. This is also a period of nodal return for the USA (one that started in 2017 when the North Node entered Leo and South Node entered Aquarius). A Nodal Return is an overall time of evolution that happens once every 18-19 years when the North and South Nodes return to the same degree they were at the time of birth. For the country, it's a time during which hidden information comes to light, and we might expect twists of fate. 

The most important thing you can do during this time is to RELAX. Rather than worry about what could happen in the future, find joy in the present moment. Connect with others in intentional ways and focus on building community.

But most of all, relax. Appreciate your life and your people. Take it easy. Do things just for fun. Love big. Be. Societal change begins with changes in hearts.