September Horoscopes

September is a month for transitions. With Mars finally direct and moving forward, life feels in motion once again. The eclipses in July and August helped shake things up for many of us. Eclipses spotlight the nodal axis line, and during that time, you gain more clarity about your soul's purpose. You can access the courage you need to make changes in life to better align with your purpose. However, with Mars retrograde throughout the summer, enacting those changes was a very slow process. In fact, you might have felt stuck, confused, or tired. The result might have been heightened awareness without action... and then frustration! This month, that all changes. 

On September 22, the equinox ushers in a time of movement. The Sun moves into Libra, a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs begin on solstice and equinox points. Cardinal signs are all about action and taking the initiative to make things happen. They also mark the change of seasons. Leading up to the 22nd, you might feel a burning desire to finish a project, reach a goal, or make a change. 

Any big shift in life involves a process. Be gentle with yourself this month, and take time to slow down to appreciate where you are at this moment in life, especially on September 18, when Mars challenges Uranus. You could feel some restlessness at that time. Those of you who were born during the first few days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will especially feel that energy. 

The full moon on September 24 highlights the axis of self and other. Mars retrograde helped us examine our relationship dynamics-- how we handled anger, how we expressed our passion, and how we asked for the space we need. There may be some residual relationship stress at the beginning of the month, but things will balance out by the end, especially after the 30th. 

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