February Horoscopes

January’s eclipses provided an intense start to 2019. February is a time to ground and center as the eclipse energy subsides. Several planets in earth signs (Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and later Mars) can help support you in taking practical steps forward in your life this month, but they encourage you to do so with caution.

Your attention may be focused on love and relationships, with Valentine’s Day in the middle of the month. Venus, the planet dedicated to romance, shines in Capricorn from February 3 on, making this a time to make careful choices in your love life. If your relationship is rock solid, you can make plans and set intentions together, especially at the time of the new moon on February 4. On February 18 and 22, you could have two chances to rethink your relationship dynamics and make changes to have more satisfying and healthy bonds.

On February 18, we enter Pisces season. On the following day, the full moon in Virgo opens your access to imagination. Your dreams may offer guidance or symbolism relating to your life. Notice any creative impulses, and indulge them. You could be receiving a calling to live up to your highest potential, and creativity is a key to gain access to that information.

The moon’s placement in Virgo is excellent for cleaning, organizing, decluttering, or taking a detox. You could also feel more aware of criticism than usual. Therefore, be gentle with your loved ones, and find constructive ways to offer feedback to avoid seeming judgmental.

At the beginning of the month, Mars is quite active, and you will need an outlet for stress or frustrations. Otherwise, you could have a short fuse. This is especially true on February 2, when a Mars-Pluto square could fire you up. The good news? This is a time for taking (careful) action, as you will not be able to tolerate standing still in any unpleasant situation. You’ll have the courage to make a change if it is in your best interest to do so.

This is a high-energy time, especially on February 13. Even though winter is usually a more yin time of year, you could feel motivated to take action towards reaching your goals.

*Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash