March Horoscopes

We enter a new seven-year cycle of change and progress this month as Uranus enters Taurus on March 6. If you are born during the first three days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, or if your moon or rising sign are at the early degrees of fixed signs, prepare yourself for significant turning points in life that will manifest over the next three months. Because of this transition, I can guarantee this will not be a boring month for any of us!

Uranus moves into a new sign every seven years, and we see technological advances and progress in the fields associated with that sign. In Taurus, that means environmental, textiles, currency and the economy, earth and even seismic shifts, possessions, and goods. You can read more about this cycle here.

In addition to this planetary shift, we are also in a Mercury retrograde cycle from March 5-28 in the other-worldly sign of Pisces. Mercury rules mental processes, and with its placement in Pisces, you have the chance to deeply explore the creative and spiritual dimensions of yourself. At the same time, you could feel foggy, unclear about circumstances in your life. You may question others’ motives or doubt your intuition. You could feel as if a cloud hangs overhead blocking the light. The concept of the dark night of the soul explains a period of emotional intensity in which you feel a painful separation from God and others. Alone. During those moments of doubt, you dig deep within yourself to connect with your divine spark, and in doing so, you arrive at faith. If you have moments like these this month, understand they may be critical turning points in your life, and keep going! Often, these crisis points loosen the ego's grip, helping you break down fear-based structures. That process of surrender helps you open energetic space for a new beginning or manifestation.

During a Mercury retrograde cycle, you revisit your past, review your priorities in life, and reconcile with others. Because of the placement in Pisces, repressed emotions could surface, or someone from your past could reach out unexpectedly, pushing you to look at a past situation through a new frame. It could be helpful to process these encounters with a therapist or a supportive friend.

On March 6, an introspective new moon pulls you inward for reflection. You could have clarifying insights about relationships, any internal blocks, or your life purpose in general.

On March 20, the month's overall energy shifts as the sun enters fire sign Aries and we enter a new season of the year. A full moon in Libra that day punctuates the change. With all of that cardinal energy, you could feel motivated and ready for action. However, Mercury is still retrograde until the 28th, which could slow down your progress. With these influences, you could feel a pull between self and others, and because Chiron is in the early degrees of Aries, you could have a few powerful realizations about yourself through interactions with others. These could lead to personal healing or relationship repair.

For more information about what this month means for your sign, read your horoscope. Read for your rising sign, too, if you know it.

Photo by Gábor Juhász on Unsplash