April Horoscopes

The sun in Aries motivates us to take a risk, advance forward, and start a new beginning. It’s no coincidence Aries season is also springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere, when blossoms are bursting open, and new life abounds. I will post this on April Fool’s Day, April 1. I think of the Fool card in the tarot deck. It looks like this:


The Fool card represents a soul incarnating, and each card in the Major Arcana explains a different aspect of human life the Fool must encounter on its way to enlightenment. The Fool in the card has everything it needs (symbolized by the bag it carries), a white rose to express spiritual innocence, and a loyal guardian symbolized by the dog. The Fool has wisdom packed into its pouch, and it looks upward toward the heavens as it walks forward. It’s not “foolish” as we might think of it; rather, the term “fool” implies the absence of fear and the willingness to step into the unknown.

Consider stepping into April with this same spirit. Be open to adventure, willing to keep looking up, and trusting in the universe to guide and protect you along the way.

Before you take a step off the proverbial cliff and into the new unknown, you may have to clear some karma, face fears, and do some letting go. Because of that, you could feel as if you’re taking one big step forward... only to stand still, catch your breath, reassess, and do some releasing/letting go.

Significant transits this month will help you with this process. On April 4, the North and South Nodes line up with Pluto, shaking things up in your life, so you have no choice but to surrender. This is not the time to cling to anything or anyone. In fact, you might even want to do some spring cleaning to let go of things you’ve outgrown, physically or spiritually. This could also bring karmic patterns to light for you, allowing you to overcome defeating habits and free yourself from those restrictions. The nodes will also line up with Saturn on April 30, punctuating any insights you’ve received at the beginning of the month. These alignments mean you could experience personal transformation this month, specifically as it relates to power and authority.

April could be a solemn month, and it would be wise to be mindful of your responsibilities and do your best in all things. Just imagine others are watching you; as the energy you extend out into the world will come back to you tenfold, for better or worse. This is especially true from April 10-13.

The new moon on April 5 marks an excellent time for new connections. It’s time to get out of the house and socialize, especially if you are gathering with others for a cause. The dwarf planet Eris stands ready to receive the light of the moon and sun (on April 13), and you could feel passionate about making a difference as a result.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all station retrograde this month, drawing awareness to themselves and slowing things down slightly. Jupiter stations on April 10, Pluto on the 24th, and Saturn on the 29th. As Jupiter moves backward, we may revisit themes of truth, morality, illusion, or legal matters. It could be a time when the bubble bursts for some reason, or alternatively, you could have a renewal of faith and optimism. Pluto and Saturn move more slowly, and we will likely experience those retrogrades on a collective level, which will touch us on the personal level as well.

On April 9, Venus joins Neptune in Pisces, making this a day for creative projects and romance. You’ll feel a heightened sense of your heart chakra, as Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. This transit reminds us beauty can lead to spiritual catharsis. If you have ever walked through a botanical garden, watched a meteor shower, seen the California superbloom, or heard music that touched your soul, you understand this phenomenon.

The full moon on April 19 is quite extraordinary. It’s at the last degree of Libra, and it’s the second full moon in Libra we will have this year. The first was in March at zero degrees. The first and last degrees of a cardinal sign are highly potent! They’re what we call “critical degrees.” Therefore, you could feel a desire to close a chapter. Libra and Aries pull us in opposite sides of the axis of self and other. The moon in Libra asks us to seek balance in our relationships, to strive for peace (even if it means debating an issue to reach resolution), and to have an open heart and mind when relating to others.

After that, the sun enters Taurus on April 20, and Venus enters Aries. A new cycle begins, and at the end of the month, this shift could mean taking a step back to reassess any strides you’ve made so far this year.

Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

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