May Horoscopes

The Astrology of May

This month, we take a look back and ask ourselves: How could we have done better? And How could we improve upon what we’ve created so far this year?

Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are retrograde, and these planets hold the major themes for this year and early 2020. When the outer planets go retrograde, we usually feel the influence on a collective level more than a personal one. They tend to last longer than the personal planet retrogrades, too. Pluto stations direct on October 3, Saturn on September 18, and Jupiter on August 11. The outer planets present general themes we look at as a collective. They bring us full-circle in many ways or help shift our consciousness about matters related to that planet. 

Specifically, Pluto in Capricorn has shone a light on corruption, institutional wrongdoing, and deceit. As Pluto moves retrograde, we might have the chance to bring some more of the truth about these issues to light.

Saturn, the planetary authority figure, is in the same sign. The good news is: If you’ve been working hard and staying focused on something, you have manifesting power right now! Saturn likes to reward hard work and diligence, but it also wants to make sure you’re being authentic to yourself in the process. Otherwise, it might nudge you back on track.

Pluto retrograde is a time to reevaluate the power dynamics in your relationships. If you have been involved in a relationship that has an element of control or possessiveness, you could find ways to free yourself from those patterns, if not the relationship, itself. If you have been obsessing about a person or a past situation, Pluto invites you to surrender and let go. 

The unfolding events in your life and in the world right now are foreshadowing what’s to come in January 2020. If you have planets around 19˚ - 23˚ of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, you will feel the influence of these planets more intensely than others. So, don’t give up, no matter how challenging the test of faith.

On May 4, the New Moon in Taurus invites you to set realistic intentions and plant seeds (literally or metaphorically). It encourages you to be patient, as anything you start will take time to manifest. It will be lasting, though. The influence of Uranus in early May suggests you might need a temporary break from your routine or any limiting situation in your life. However, try to avoid escapism or you could miss the real opportunity to make positive, lasting, and practical changes to your life. If you remain open-minded and, more importantly, open-hearted, you could have a miraculous encounter around the time of the Full Moon on May 18.

At the beginning of the month, our relationship planets are in more freedom-loving, independent signs. Then, Venus moves into Taurus on April 15. That same day, Mars moves into Cancer. With both relationship planets moving into more stable, committed signs, you could get more serious about your love life. At the very least, you might have fewer questions about your current relationship or feel more secure about your romantic possibilities than usual. This Venus placement stirs a desire for balance and harmony in relationships. While Saturn and Pluto urge you to ask yourself the tough questions and get real with yourself, Venus mediates inner conflict and allows you to lead with your heart.

Venus in Taurus emphasizes pleasure, and it amplifies your senses. You could crave delicious food, rich cultural experiences, and more physical intimacy in your relationship.

On May 21, the Sun moves into Gemini and joins up with its ruling planet, Mercury. This is a social, playful, intellectually stimulating day! You will feel that lively Gemini energy through the end of the month, making it a great time to host a party, get-togethers with friends, brainstorming sessions, creative endeavors, connecting with loved ones, amending any relationship challenges, and slowing down to take a break.

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