July's Eclipses

Eclipses and the Nodes

Eclipses happen when the sun, moon, and earth line up with the lunar nodes, which are astrological destiny points. 

The North Node symbolizes where we are focusing our attention, what matters to us, and where we’re reaching toward as a collective. The South Node symbolizes where we’re moving from, our past, our history, as well as any old or outdated ideas and beliefs. The transiting North Node signifies what we must integrate into our collective awareness if we are to grow as a society. 

This year, the North Node is in the sign of Cancer, which relates to the home, family, security, mothering, emotions, and the divine feminine. These are themes you might see up in news, pop culture, social media, or in your own life.

The South Node is always exactly opposite the North Node. This year, it’s in Capricorn, the sign associated with authority, ambition, government, career, patriarchal ideals, and public life.

The eclipses punctuate those themes and the tension between the two. 

Eclipses are like extra powerful full and new moons. Solar eclipses happen when the sun blocks the moon, and they occur during new moon phases. Lunar ones happen during full moon phases when the moon passes through the earth’s shadow. 

During eclipses, things feel more intense, and that two weeks between the solar and lunar eclipse, that energy is palpable. I call this the eclipse tunnel because often, that’s how it feels- like you’re in this compressed period of time when all emotions, senses, your intuition, and awareness is heightened.

Solar eclipses can catalyze external change. There’s a shift of some kind in your life. Often, though, it takes time to manifest. It can be a sudden bang, but you’re more likely to see the full manifestation of that change evolve over several months. That time depends on how long the eclipse is visible and what factors in your natal chart are involved. 

During a solar eclipse, you might have more restless energy, more momentum, and even some frustration. All of that energy is necessary because it motivates you to make changes in your life. 

During a lunar eclipse, the shifts are generally internal and focus on your personal life, emotions, relationships, and family. You feel things internally, and you can become aware of aspects of your life that aren’t working for you. Because the nodes are involved, the eclipses offer you the chance to face some of your biggest fears and access the courage you need to take a step forward toward fulfilling your purpose and reaching your destiny.

During a lunar eclipse, you may have the realization you need to make a career or relationship change. Don’t feel as if you need to drop a bomb or make a sudden move. Instead, see the awareness as a first step in an unfolding process. One mistake I see people making is acting on that first impulse during an eclipse because things do feel more intense and you want to do something about it. You can do something- pay attention! Look for guidance in your dreams, in conversations with friends, or through connecting with a healer, therapist, or astrologer. 

Realize, too, not all eclipses will affect you equally. So much of it depends on how the eclipse involves your chart. 

The July Eclipses

The first one, a solar eclipse, happens on July 2. This is a total eclipse, and it is an excellent influence for setting intentions and making a new beginning in your life.

This eclipse features the planet Uranus, the planet of exciting changes, unexpected surprises. You could have a brilliant idea, an insight, or a creative vision that sends you in a whole new direction. This is a time for sharing ideas, being in community with others, and for gathering for a cause. Keep an open mind. The new ideas and insights you have during this solar eclipse will build up for two weeks and relate to what events unfold in your life during the lunar one. 

Saturn is in a sextile relationship with Neptune on that day- this is a very spiritual aspect that helps ground your dreams and visions in the real world. It’s an influence that helps you manifest something in your life. 

This eclipse is a creative one, and one with a lot of possibility, but Saturn’s influence might bring out your inner critic, causing you to feel judgmental about yourself and others. Often, when you’re in that right-brained creative space, the left brain comes in to try to temper your experience, especially if it feels more familiar to you to be logical, practical. But you have an opportunity with this eclipse to awaken your imagination and push beyond your limits. The inner critic is the ego’s way of keeping you comfortable right where you are, but these eclipse cycles want you to grow and expand… to create and shape your destiny. 

On a collective level, with Saturn retrograde at the same degree as the South Node, we are in a sort of clearing process, going back in time and determining where we need to restructure our ideas, beliefs, power structures, and ways of governing. Though these changes may not be tangible right now at this time, by December 26, we will have more information about what aspects of our society must be examined and reshaped. 

The lunar eclipse happens on July 16, and it will be particularly powerful for helping you make necessary changes in your personal relationships, as well as identifying emotional triggers you might have or projections you might be making in your relationships. 

This is an eclipse for revelations and also for personal healing. The moon is just a couple degrees away from Pluto, which signifies it could be emotionally intense. Pluto’s influence helps raise hidden truth to conscious awareness.  So, you could discover things about yourself or have an aha moment about your life. These insights will spur change for you over the long run. 

Saturn and Venus also come into play with this lunar eclipse. Venus, the relationship planet, is within a degree of the north node and opposes Saturn. Relationships could undergo a testing period when you might make or break commitments. The thing about Saturn is: It wants you to get real with yourself and others. So, if you have been on the fence about a relationship or in some way compromising yourself for another person or feeling off about relationships in general, you could reach a decision point with this eclipse. 

Power dynamics could be a big theme for you, too, in all kinds of relationships. This eclipse invites you to pay attention to your intuition, to look for guidance and symbols in your dreams and waking life, and to seek support in healing. 

On a collective level, this eclipse could help shine light on corruption, discrimination, and abuses of power. With the North Node in Cancer, which is a sign associated with the mother and the divine feminine, and the Sun aligning with that point, we have an opportunity  

The influences of this eclipse heighten our sensitivity to others and to the general energy of the collective. Really be compassionate and try to understand others’ perspectives. Take the high road in any conflictual situation. When emotions run high, we feel more vulnerable and may default to old coping mechanisms for self-protection. Our triggers are all up. If you are aware of this tendency, you can be more mindful in engaging with others. 

On December 25 or 26, depending upon where you live, we close out the year with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. It’s the fifth and final one of the year, and the sun and moon are within one degree of Jupiter. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, and its influence in this eclipse magnifies all of the themes of this particular eclipse cycle. It heightens the energy, and, being a benefic planet, it could also bring new opportunities into your life. Because this is a new moon and it’s in the very practical, grounded sign of Capricorn, this is an eclipse for bringing your goals and dreams to fruition. The influence of Uranus in this eclipse chart suggests something out of the blue- like an opportunity or a sudden change. We could be seeing that in the collective as well as your personal life. 

This eclipse invites us to stay positive, even if the energy is intense. Saturn is moving closer to Pluto, getting ready for its conjunction in January, and we all might be a little on edge feeling change in the air and as if we’re on the precipice of something new, but we can’t see what it is. This eclipse is a glimpse into that change, and also a time for us to have faith in what’s possible for ourselves and our world. 

It is a time for innovative ideas to address global challenges we all face, and we could see technological advances in the months following this eclipse, particularly ones that address environmental issues.

If you want to know more about how the eclipses will affect you, find out which of your natal houses have Cancer or Capricorn on the cusps. If you are a Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, or Aries, you may have your sun or other planets around the same degrees as these eclipses. If you do have planets, your rising sign, or midheaven within a degree or two of the eclipses, they will particularly influence you. You can access a copy of your chart on astro.com or other websites, through apps like TimePassages, or you can email me for a session.