July Horoscopes

Welcome to Cancer season, a time when we crave deeper connections, your heartstrings are more easily tugged, and your priorities shift from the outer world to the inner one. You will undoubtedly feel some tension this month, as two eclipses accentuate the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Cancer themes are home, family, emotions, and our ancestral roots. It’s the sign ruled by the moon, a symbol of all things yin, which includes the innermost creative and fertile aspects of the self. You could feel more receptive, nurturing, and protective of those you love.

The opposite sign on that axis, Capricorn, relates to the ambitious, driven, striving, and public aspects of the self. Also, the structural systems of government, authority, economy, and institutions. For thousands of years, those systems have been patriarchal, with hierarchical power structures that have their basis in leadership and governance through domination.

Well, all of this is changing! And the North Node in Cancer is helping us evolve in a new direction. So too, our relationships, families, and ideals are changing. You might be experiencing this in your life right now. We are all shifting, in transition, but without a real clear vision for where we will be by this time next year, after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020, which will be a big astrological influence we’ll all feel! (Stay tuned for more about this in a different post.) Some of those 2020 themes will be foreshadowed here this month around the time of the eclipses on July 2 and 16.

A lot is happening astrologically this month. It’s going to be especially interesting for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. We start with the solar eclipse on July 2, a time of change and shakeup of any stagnant situation in your life. Connect with others and brainstorm about how to live a more expansive, open, and heart-centered life. You’ve got some big ideas and dreams right now. It’s not a time to hold back or let fear stand in the way.

On July 16, the lunar eclipse pulls you inward, illuminating some key decision or situation in your life. Look for guidance and pay attention to the messages. It’s a good time to find ways to spiritually surrender anything you’re trying to control. Let go! If that special someone isn’t calling you right back, for example, move on to allow love into your life. Or if you’ve been working tirelessly to accomplish a goal and facing roadblocks or delays, shift your focus for the month and take a break. You could receive insights about why the blocks are there in the first place.

Mercury goes retrograde from July 7-31, sending us all back in time to clear up past business and review past decisions. If you’ve made life plans or relationship choices from an ego place, your heart and soul will take the lead right now, as Mercury moves from Leo to Cancer throughout this retrograde cycle. Be open-hearted and open-minded about the realizations that come up for you during this time.

From the 9th to the 14th, the Sun heats things up for all of us, and I’m not just talking about the summer season. It opposes Saturn on the 9th and Pluto on the 14th, but it forms a trine to Neptune on the 10th to buffer some of that challenging energy. This is a time to stand up for dreams, to hold tight to your truth, and not allow yourself to become jaded by any upsetting news you hear. Saturn and Pluto present us with themes of control, power, and authority. If you’ve been a dictator or control freak in your familial relationships or friendships, you might need to ease up a little! Conversely, if you’ve been feeling less than powerful in your own life, you might need to stand up for yourself and call the shots. This is a favorable time to balance any unhealthy power dynamics.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and we can all take a deep collective sigh of relief, as the month closes on a lighter note. It’s an excellent time for a summer getaway or to connect with old friends, have a reunion. The Leo New Moon on July 31 invites you to become inspired— to play, relax, dance, create, swim, read, eat, and cajole. Follow your heart’s pull toward connection, love, and pleasure.

**Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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