Aquarius Full Moon - August 15, 2019

Full Moons offer us the chance to see what otherwise might be hidden. They illuminate for us truth, possibilities, and anything we need to release or let go. During a Full Moon, the Moon opposes the Sun, and they create a dynamic tension. We on earth stand in the balance of that tension, and you could feel pulled in different directions in your life as a result. 

In any opposition, the heavenly bodies stand 180˚apart on an axis line. The axis line, itself, has a specific theme. This Full Moon features the Leo/Aquarius axis, with themes of expressing yourself in the context of the larger community. It emphasizes following your heart (Leo) and letting your passion run through your veins, circulating momentum for innovative ideas or making a contribution to the world (Aquarius).

The Moon in Aquarius encourages us to think way outside of the box to solve any issues that come up in our lives. Aquarius is inventive, and you might come up with new ideas or see aspects of your life from a different perspective. Aquarius is also the sign of community and friendships. You could discover ways to become more involved. 

The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are all in the sign of Leo during this Full Moon. The Sun is conjunct Venus, and this influence encourages social interactions and fun! It is a creative influence, one that could inspire you. The influence of these Leo planets suggests you might decide to take a break and enjoy the day or gather a group of friends for a night out.  

Because all of these planets are in fixed signs, along with asteroid Vesta (which is in a t-square with the Sun and Moon), it’s important to keep an open mind and remain flexible, especially if difficult conversations arise. One of the best ways to do that is to lead with curiosity, rather than focusing on absolute rights and wrongs. 

Vesta’s influence suggests you could feel the pressure of your responsibilities and obligations, despite your urge to relax and have fun. Because of this, you might feel as if you need to make some sort of sacrifice, or you could feel pressured to make a compromise. Leo encourages you to follow your heart and express your desires, but do so in manner considerate to others. 

If you should find yourself alone during this Full Moon, take advantage of the time and space to hold a ritual to release some of your deepest fears regarding living your purpose, loving wholeheartedly, or expressing your truth. Then, as part of your ritual, brainstorm ways you can participate in shaping our collective reality. What can you contribute? How can you use your gifts to be a light worker in the world? What creative ideas would you like to share? Even something as simple as contributing positive thoughts on a regular basis can make an incredible difference! No act of service is ever too small. 



This could be quite a social time for you, and you could find yourself the ringleader among your group of friends. Explore options if you’ve been thinking about getting more involved in the community or volunteering in some way. Something could open up for you. You could have more energy and enthusiasm; use it wisely! Romance is a definite highlight for you this Full Moon, and if you’re single, social engagements could lead to new connections. 


This Full Moon emphasizes your career. With renewed focus on your long-term goals, you might need to find a balance between your professional and personal lives. You can sense a change on the horizon, but it could take time too manifest. Spend time decorating or designing your space to make it a nest. Your home can be a sanctuary. Some of you may even finalize real estate transactions at this time. 


This is a social time for you, and you might find yourself talking to strangers and meeting new friends. This Full Moon is favorable for marketing yourself in new ways or networking, as you have a way with words. Express yourself through writing. Your ideas may feel inspired. Travel is a possibility for you, too. Avoid taking on too much at this time or you could feel scattered or ungrounded. 


This Full Moon illuminates your finances, and you could have a chance to pat yourself on the back for recent successes. If you have had financial challenges, you could discover a practical solution. For example, you may decide to refinance your home, liquidate an asset, or find some way to cut back on your spending. Think conservatively, as Aquarius is co-ruled by serious Saturn, and avoid spending big dollars until you have a clearer picture of your finances as we move into 2020. This is also a favorable time to look at insurance options or finish your taxes (if you filed an extension). Think about preparing for the future. 


With several planets in your sign, this Full Moon is all about you! Step out on stage, steal the spotlight, and own your brilliance. Because so many planets are sining a light right on you (and it is your birthday season), you may feel pressure from others to tone it down. Try not to feel guilty or consider your actions selfish if you’re prioritizing yourself. You ought to be your top priority right now, and because of that, you may have opportunities to work on issues like codependence in your relationships. If you are single, enjoy time with friends. Relax, be playful, and spend time in the sun if you can. After all, with all of this Leo vibe coursing through the atmosphere, this is your chance to recharge.


While others are out socializing, you could find yourself staying in this Full Moon. It’s an introspective time for you, and you might discover emotions or memories that have been buried in your subconscious. Bring them up to the surface, and let them clear away. Health matters could also be top priority for you during this Full Moon. It’s a great time to detox or make modifications to your diet. Your sign is associated with ritual, and you might consider hosting a Full Moon ritual to release worry, self-doubt, and stress. Clear them out of your entire being, and welcome in peace, self-acceptance, and trust. 


Your social life steals the spotlight for this Full Moon. Its influence encourages you to become more involved in your community or to find ways to make a difference. You might feel inspired to speak up for a cause. This Full Moon shines light on any fears you may have about disappointing or offending others. Because of this, you could feel a boost of courage to help you gracefully manage any confrontation or stand up for yourself and others. If you feel motivated to create something, like a business plan or work of art, follow your heart’s lead. 


The Full Moon shines a light on your home life. You could hear from distant family members or make plans for a get together. If you have postponed home repairs or projects, you might have a chance to revisit those plans. Take action if anything calls your attention. Professionally, you are looking toward new heights, and the Leo planets shining in your career sector spotlight opportunities for recognition. Yet, think of the metaphor of a tree. Without proper root support, it can’t grow or branch out. Nourish/nurture yourself, starting with your home, and then, the sky’s the limit.


With so many planets in Leo, a fellow fire sign, you might feel energized and ready for action! Do make time to get outside and enjoy being in nature. That’s your spiritual happy place, after all. In all conversations, remain open-minded. You may be tempted to hold tight to your opinion and stay firmly fixed to a position, but resist that urge. You may learn something that allows you to see things in a new way. Lead with curiosity. If travel plans arise, have an adventure! You are ready to explore new landscapes, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 


Prioritize your finances this Full Moon. You might even have an abundance ritual to release anything holding you back from experiencing your financial potential. This is a time to be wise in your spending, to think about your long-term economic goals. You might need to finish taxes (if you’ve filed an extension), or review investments. Take care of those details. Since the Leo vibe is so playful, try not to take yourself too seriously. In fact, you may not be exactly where you want to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate where you are and how far you’ve come. Pat yourself on the back to quell the voice of the inner critic. 


This Full Moon is in your sign, and because of that, you could see new insights about your relationships. If you are single, especially, you could have awareness about how you can have a healthy, happy relationship while still having a sense of autonomy. With the Leo planets in your opposite sign, you could feel stretched in different directions by different people. Enjoy being with your special someone if you’re in a relationship. This could be an opportunity to have deep conversations that lead to a stronger relationship. 


This Full Moon shines a light on what might be hidden within you. What dreams have you not yet realized? This could be a moment of divine revelation. Take time to slow down and reflect on your life. Face your inner saboteur or any fears, doubts, or resistance you might have to change. Listen to your inner child, too, and find out what it really needs. Self-nurturing is a key theme for you. Realize busy work might be a distraction from your emotional self.  If you have social plans, of course, keep them! Just realize, there’s an undercurrent of spiritual and emotional awareness happening, and honor that process. 

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash