September Horoscopes

Welcome to a new month! I hope your summer has been nice and relaxing. I’m writing this from Baltimore, where I’m speaking at the NCGR Astrology Conference on the subject of Secondary Progressions, a forecasting technique.

We start the back-to-school season with the perfect planetary alignment. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun are all in analytical Virgo, and they will apply aspects to Uranus early in the month. You will be motivated to accomplish most of the items on your to-do-list, thanks to Virgo’s work ethic, ability to tune out distractions, and time management skills. You could also become inspired by a bright new idea or pursue a creative endeavor.

You could overdo it if you’re not careful, as the Virgo planets will square Jupiter.  You want to keep stress levels down. Think of working in small increments, one thing at a time. 

Watch your health this month. The personal planets in Virgo, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces, all relate with one another throughout the first part of the month, making us all more sensitive. Boost your immune system and use Virgo’s discipline to eat a healthier diet. Consider seeing a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, herbalist, or healer. 

The Full Moon on Friday, the 13th, in Pisces could be an emotional one. Your intuition could be heightened, allowing you to know what’s not working in your life. Let it go! Realize this is a foggy, unclear Full Moon. Pause and give any new insights time to settle before making any moves. 

On the 14thVenus enters her sign, Libra, helping relationships, social interactions, and most importantly, self-love. Start with self-care. 

On September 21, use your intuition to discern truth from fiction. We have a third and final Jupiter - Neptune square. Reflect on what was happening in your life on January 13 and June 16, as these storylines will draw to a close. The nature of Jupiter is expansive, larger-than-life, and generous. It magnifies anything it comes in contact with, in this case, Neptune. Neptune symbolizes dreams, visions, and ideals, but also, it represents illusion, confusion, and disillusionment. You may question what’s real or not during the few days before and after this transit perfects. Make sure your news sources are credible and avoid gossip. 

Try to refrain from using any substances that unground you or disassociate you from your body. Ground yourself in the present moment, and ride the waves of any situations that arise.  

This transit could bring opportunities for clearing. Heavy rains wash away dirt and smog. It’s never clearer in LA than it is after rain. Weatherproof your house to be on the safe side! 

The Equinox on September 23 ushers in Libra season, and it starts with a bang! The Sun will oppose Chiron, and the Moon is right on the Nodal axis, opposing Saturn. Pluto hovers nearby. This activity sets the stage for what’s to come in 2020, and we could see some exciting changes start to manifest around this time. Things could be shaky or even more volatile leading into October, but they will balance out.  

Use the Libra energy to connect with others, meet new friends, and build community. Then, look for beauty in your life and the world. 

The New Moon on September 28 closes out the month on a high note. Repair relationships, set intentions for your love life, and share ideas with others. 

As you read this, I’m sending you gratitude and love. You are the reason I do what I do, and I love connecting with you! My intention: May your month be filled with pleasant surprises, and may you have a deep sense of inner peace coursing through you all this time. May anxieties lift and depression dissipate, making space for joy and love.Photo by Khai Sze Ong on Unsplash