August Horoscopes

Welcome to August! We have been in "Eclipse Season," a period of emotional intensity between eclipses. It started July 12, and it concludes with the solar eclipse on August 11. Eclipses, being super full and new moons, wake dormant or suppressed emotions, which can rise to the surface of your conscious awareness. Heightened emotions alert us to what is in or out of alignment in our lives. They spur us forward, fueling our energy for personal change.

Because Mars is closer than it has been in 15 years and retrograde (until August 27), some of those emotions might include anger, frustration, passion, or courage. (You can see a live viewing of Mars here!) The heightened awareness you experience right now will ripple change into every area of your life. 

This eclipse (as well as the one on July 27), lies on the Aquarius/Leo axis, one that reminds you to use your talents to contribute to the whole. In living the truest expressions of yourself, you shape the global community. So, if you are looking for a way to make a difference, ask what most brings you fulfillment and satisfaction, and do that. 

Leo is associated with the heart, the connecting point in our bodies between the lower and higher selves. The August 11 eclipse puts a spotlight on this connection, and you could be more attuned to the voice of your higher self calling you to activate the courage you need to live a more self-expressive, visible, and purposeful life. But also, the sign of Leo emphasizes playfulness and enjoyment of life! 

This month, several planets are retrograde, including Mars (until August 27) and Mercury (until August 18). During Mercury retrograde, it's wise to communicate clearly, double-check all details, and go with the flow. To make the most of these planetary energies, take time to nurture yourself. If you feel stuck with a project or in any area of your life, then focus on whatever feels in the flow or enthuses you at the moment. Take time off if you can to reset and recharge. Mercury retrograde is also a time to finish projects, clear clutter, reconnect with people from your past, work with a healer, and self-reflect. 

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***Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash