north node in Cancer

July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes

Welcome to Cancer season, a time when we crave deeper connections, when our heartstrings are more easily tugged, and when our priorities shift from the outer world to the inner one. You will undoubtedly feel that tension this month, as two eclipses accentuate that Cancer/Capricorn axis. Cancer themes are home, family, emotions, and our ancestral roots. It’s the sign ruled by the moon, a symbol of all things yin, which includes the innermost creative and fertile aspects of the self. The opposite sign on that axis, Capricorn, symbolizes the ambitious, driven, striving, and public aspects of the self. It also relates to the structural systems of government, authority, economy, and institutions. For thousands of years, those systems have been patriarchal and kyriarchal, with hierarchical power structures that have their basis in leadership and governance through domination.

Well, all of this is changing! And the North Node in Cancer is helping us evolve in a new direction. So too, our relationships, families, and ideals are changing. You might be experiencing this in your life right now. We are all shifting, in transition, but without a real clear vision for where we will be by this time next year, after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020, which will be a big astrological influence we’ll all feel! (I’m going to be writing about that more this month.) Some of those 2020 themes will be foreshadowed here this month around the time of the eclipses on July 2 and 16.

A LOT is happening astrologically this month. It’s going to be especially exciting for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. We start with the solar eclipse on July 2, a time of change and shakeup of any stagnant situation in your life. Connect with others and brainstorm about how to live a more expansive, open, and heart-centered life. You’ve got some big ideas and dreams right now. It’s not a time to hold back or let fear stand in the way.

2019 Horoscopes

2019 Horoscopes

Astrological highlights of 2019:

2019 closes out this decade, and some of the most significant transits set the stage for 2020, which will energetically loom over us. Because of this, 2019 could feel like a transitional year, one in which you will either open or close a chapter in life. Moving through any transitional time, it helps to ground your energy through dedicated spiritual practices, physical exercise, or designating one person in your life to be your "reality check." If you can maintain pragmatic optimism, 2019 will be your year!

Jupiter is one of the biggest stars in our astrological story this year. The planet of luck, expansion, and faith, is in its own sign of Sagittarius. It wants us to go all out, and it can fool us into thinking anything is possible! So, you could overcommit, spread yourself too thin, or overestimate your projected income versus your expenses. Instead, focus on your top priorities so you can end the year feeling accomplished, and make wise financial choices. There are several indicators of an uncertain economy this year and in 2020.

The first month of the year will feature most of the themes you'll encounter in 2019. We start with an eclipse, the first of five total this year, on January 5 in Capricorn. Eclipses present us with new information, often unrealized or hidden truth. Sometimes, they deliver our marching orders from the universe for the fulfillment of our life's mission. This first one is close to Saturn, the planetary police officer, which gives it a serious tone. It could amplify your ambition and push you back to work after the holiday break. You could also learn news of financial or professional matters that could shift your storyline. On January 21, the lunar eclipse in Aquarius asks us to revisit themes from 2018 and ask: Did I make the right decision? Accept the past, and keep your awareness on what healthy, life-enhancing changes you can make in the present. Keep in mind: The two weeks between eclipses can feel very intense! The North Node in Cancer encourages you to feel your feeling-- the joy, sadness, anger, and all.

Cancer North Node 2018

“There’s no place like home.” This may be our mantra over the next 18 months as the nodal axis shifts from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. The North Node will be right at home in the sign of Cancer. The North Node symbolizes our point of focus for the next 18 months. It’s like our “North Star” as a collective, but being that, we could be pushed beyond our comfort zones with regard to anything Cancer related in our lives. More on that in a minute.

What is the North Node? The Lunar Nodes (North and South) are invisible points at which the moon’s orbital path crosses the Sun’s path on the celestial sphere (the ecliptic). Therefore, the nodes are the connecting points between the expressive, yang energies of the sun with the receptive, yin energies of the moon. The balance between yin and yang makes these magical points where you can experience absolute creative potentiality and the manifestation of desire. When triggered by a transiting planet or eclipse (the eclipse cycles happen in conjunction with the nodes), 

So, the Nodes are powerful, and you have them your natal chart. In your natal chart, they represent your destiny. The South Node symbolizes where you came from and what feels familiar and comfortable. The North Node represents your point of destiny in this lifetime and where you find fulfillment through growth. It’s that point right beyond your comfort zone that feels uncomfortable but brings your soul a level of satisfaction beyond the ego’s desires. 

Your nodal axis in your birth chart represents this as a tug-of-war in your life. You may move back and forth along that axis throughout your life. You swing out wide, take a risk, and move into North Node territory, and then you contract back to the familiarity of the South Node. And repeat. (Depending on other factors in your chart, of course.) 

When the nodes change signs, though, we all have a chance to focus our collective attention on the tension between the two signs on that axis line. Starting November 7, the tension will be between Capricorn and Cancer.

We are turning away from Capricorn, which is the sign of professional ambition, industry, public reputation, rules, structure, and the father. We could even say it’s the sign most closely associated with patriarchy. And we are turning toward Cancer. 

Cancer themes include home, family, emotions, intuition, receptivity, protection of the tribe, security, and nurturance. We will see our priorities as a culture shift toward community and connection. We will have more emphasis on emotions and intuition. 

We could experience a rise in the gender-related tension that has already been up for us as patriarchal structures and ideals lose power and people wake up to the injustice of the abuse of power inherent in those institutions of government, religion, and even family. 

When the nodes change signs, our eclipse cycles run along those axis lines as well. Therefore, if you are a Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, or Aries, watch for the eclipses from now until early 2020.


Fire and Water: The Astrology of November 6-11 and the CA Fires

Fire and Water: The Astrology of November 6-11 and the CA Fires

As I write this, the Woolsey Fire is still blazing in Los Angeles County, sending waves of destruction over more than 90,000 acres. My heart has been broken for days thinking of the losses. This fire hits home for me because I’ve recently bought a house in a neighboring community, and for the past several months, we’ve been driving up and down streets in the same neighborhoods involved in the fire. It has been intense to watch the fire spread so quickly and erratically knowing that our new home is just a few miles away.

Several people have asked me about the astrology of these wildfires. I’ve written up a brief overview of some of the most significant transits of that day. These are just preliminary thoughts, but I’ll be adding more in the future as I take time to do more research.

What I found so far can shed some light and also offer a note of caution as we head into 2019.