Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Are you ready for an exciting year? You have worked to prepare for the changes about to manifest. With benefic Jupiter in a fire sign, you’re better able to express yourself and follow your passion. A career change could manifest, especially one in a leadership position. Uranus, the planetary change-agent, moves into the most public sector of your chart in March, which is a favorable influence for marketing yourself or climbing up a rung on the ladder to success.

Solar and lunar eclipses in January, July, and December remind you to take it easy and prioritize your health. Build up your immune system, and reduce unhealthy behaviors for optimal well-being, as this will be a priority in 2019.

Jupiter shines on your love life until next December, expanding your desire and capacity for love. If you are single, a fling early in the year could evolve into something more. If you are involved, you and your partner may feel a stronger connection, which could also mean more passion. There could even be talks of starting a family.

Existential questions in June and July could raise doubts about almost everything, including your love life. Questions don’t always lead to answers, but they can help you gain clarity about your purpose and goals. It would be easy for you to distract yourself by staying busy, but instead, take time to be introspective. You could have profound spiritual insights or receive guiding messages. Integrate any aspects of yourself that have you've forgotten, and above all, celebrate your spiritual growth.

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