Leo (July 23 – August 22)

As we start the month, you are the ringleader and connector. Take advantage of this social time, as you could establish new relationships, especially around the time of the new moon on June 3. Venus enters lively Gemini on June 9, assisting you in hosting a party or planning an event. You could be asked to be chair of a committee, but set limits for your time and don’t forget to delegate to your helpers.

A career change is on the horizon, but you might not have a clear vision for the future. Stay open-minded. You could receive clues in your dreams and waking life at the end of the month. Repeating number sequences, like 11:11 or 5:55, are signs of impending changes. They could take time to manifest, though. So, have patience and trust the process. The end of the month is favorable for you to pitch an idea, finalize a contract, or market yourself in a new way.

The full moon on June 17 illuminates the possibility for romance. Rather than focus on the challenges you’ve faced, have faith in the process. Your storyline is still unfolding, and you will see how the puzzle pieces come together. Those of you who are involved have opportunities to have fun and enjoy your partner. So, let down your guard, open your heart, and have a good time. If you can, take a trip or getaway with your person, especially around June 23, when Venus and Jupiter urge you to indulge a little.

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