Leo (July 23 – August 22)

On March 20, the Equinox kick-starts a new astrological year as the Sun moves into Aries. It joins Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in that feisty fire sign, too. You will be in your element and ready for a new adventure. You could even come up with some last-minute travel plans at the end of the month. Be open to surprises, and the universe will not disappoint. 

One word of caution: With the personal planets stacked up in fire signs for most of the month, your urge to move could make standing still nearly impossible. Fear is usually a force that can stop you in your tracks, and pent-up fire energy can lead to stagnation in all areas of life. Therefore, if you feel stuck in any area of your life, shift your focus to an area of life in which you feel motion. Also, physical exercise is important for you all month long. Enjoy the change of seasons by spending time outdoors. 

With Mercury in retrograde after March 22, you might have to deal with some issues from the past. Perhaps you have had unresolved conflicts with friends. You could also find yourself involved in some kind of drama from business associates. If situations escalate, solicit help and protect your interests. Mercury’s influence could help bring you closure by the end of April.

On March 6, Venus enters Aries and illuminates romantic possibilities of all kinds. Perhaps you and your partner could take a spring break trip for relaxation and fun. As a Leo, play is so important for you. Therefore, keep your love life light and enjoyable throughout the month. If you are single, socialize and focus on having a good time with friends.


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