Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You’ve just started a new year of life and a new solar cycle. How does it feel so far? If you’ve set intentions, now is the time to nurture them as you would attend to a crop of growing seeds. Carefully allocate resources, attend to day-to-day tasks, and budget your time wisely. With so many planets in Virgo, be discerning in all you do. 

The Full Moon on September 13 spotlights financial matters, and you could discover ways to shift long-held beliefs about abundance. For some of you, this personal inquiry might lead to heart expansion and allow you to feel more gratitude and generosity. For others, this shift may help you discover the root cause of financial fear. You have no space for lack-based thinking with doors of opportunity opening, especially on September 21, when a spiritual awakening could be part of an overall shift. 

The Equinox on September 23 means balance between light and dark. At this time, you could feel a greater sense of balance in your life, too. Though your social life could be busier toward the end of the month, prioritize which invites to accept and which to decline. 

Romance may not be as much of a focus at this time. Instead, you could crave more true commitment in your relationship. Emphasize self-love, and you will expand your capacity to receive love in a balanced relationship. If you are single, focus on what you desire and settle for nothing less. 

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