Libra (September 22 – October 22)

You have profound things to say and a perspective relevant to these times. So, step up to the microphone, and don’t shy away from the camera. Keep a pen close, as you could be in a continual writing flow. Journaling can be a useful practice, as this process allows you to tune others out and access wisdom from your higher mind.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you with this or any intellectual activities, like writing, reading, teaching, or studying. You might consider taking a workshop or retreat for personal development in the summer.

The eclipses in January, July, and December activate tension between your career and family life, and you may need to say a firm “no” on occasion to honor your priorities. Family or relationship conflicts could become distractions, especially if you step in to mediate someone else’s drama. Saturn reminds you to go deep within to deconstruct unhealthy familial or relational patterns. Therefore, willingly speak your truth.

In late December, you could make changes to your home or move. You may happen upon the perfect nest or create a true sanctuary. You will need to take a practical approach to your finances this year and save. When Mercury goes retrograde in late October, you could have extra expenses.

2019 is a meaningful year for your love life, too, especially if you are yearning to meet someone or commit to a partner. The North Node in Cancer invites you to embrace your emotional sensitivities to have a richer experience of love.

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