Libra (September 22 – October 22)

Mars pushes you slightly outside of your comfort zone this month by asking you to put yourself first. You could be led to defend your position or assert yourself from June 14-20. Your words and actions might rock the boat with family members or close friends who are used to your willingness to compromise. Have faith and allow your heart to lead. The full moon on June 17 inspires just the right words for a meaningful conversation.

You have a taste of wanderlust. Follow the urge to travel to a new destination. You may not want to leave! Your mind is open to new horizons, metaphorically and literally, especially at the time of the new moon on June 3.

You can access the courage you need to take a calculated risk with your career throughout the month, but especially after June 21. Do you have an awakening dream? If so, be bold in beginning the pursuit, while still being careful not to disrupt your financial security. This is a favorable time to secure a new client or improve upon existing sales.

On June 9, your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Gemini, making this a social time for you. If you are single, enjoy having the freedom to flirt with others; your charm is at its peak. Those of you in relationships may need to navigate some emotional ups and downs in the middle of the month. Make sure you find time to relax and enjoy romance.

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