Libra (September 22 – October 22)

Let me start your horoscope with a suggestion. Each day this month, do at least one thing purely for enjoyment. I mean, really do this— make it a priority. From something small, like taking a break from work to have an afternoon tea, to something that takes more forethought, like planning happy hour with a friend. Plug it into your schedule and make it happen. This exercise will help you put YOU first at least once a day, and it will remind you to stay in balance during stressful times.

Others might want more of your time and energy this month than usual, especially after March 20, when several planets stack up in your opposite sign. If you feel pulled in too many directions or pressured to say yes to too many things, remember to focus on what’s most important. (That’s YOU, by the way.) 

This is an excellent month to form new business partnerships, solidify a relationship with an agent or representative, or meet with a mentor or coach. If your competitive drive is higher than usual, take advantage of it, and aim high. To win, draw attention to yourself, making a little noise. Assert yourself, and don’t be shy, especially after March 20.

With Venus in your seventh house of partnership, you could fall in love over and over again this month, which is great if you are happily involved. Your commitment could be tested around March 23. Try not to let miscommunication mishaps escalate, and you will pass those tests. If you are single, all of this energy aimed in your house of marriage and commitment could help you call in the one. 

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