Libra (September 22 – October 22)

Venus, the planet of culture and beauty, rules your sign. Because of that, you were born with an innate appreciation for the finer things in life as well as a sense of style. While your accountant crunches numbers, you think of all the enjoyable things those numbers can buy. Even if you denounce materialistic ways, you can admit having appreciation for beautiful material things. 

Well, Jupiter has been shining in your financial sector since October, and it may have been recently expanding your desire for abundance. During a Jupiter transit, you could earn more than usual, but it is essential for you to budget wisely to make the most of any extra coming in. This month, think long-term investments. Think dividends. Think wealthy thoughts to avoid buying into collective financial fears. From now to November, opportunities abound. You are laying the groundwork now for a prosperous future. To stay in a positive flow (especially on May 15), consult with your favorite financial guru for advice, and then find creative ways to save a few extra dollars a day. 

Pending real estate related contracts or negotiations could reach finality this month, especially around May 18. You may revisit decisions to make a move or relocate. This is a time to establish roots for yourself as well as strengthen family bonds. If you have had challenging relationships with family members, you could experience healing conversations at the beginning of the month. 

May is a time for weddings, graduations, and celebrations. Your social calendar could fill up quickly! Make the most of the social time, and have a blast, especially at the end of the month. Follow any urge to travel late in the month. You never know whom you’ll meet on your adventures. This is an important time in your life, and you could form life-long and life-changing connections. 

May is a good time for career growth. You may be in the midst of forming a whole new professional identity. Even if you are out of the workforce, you could revisit dreams or goals from your past or develop ideas about ways you wish to contribute. On May 15, you might access courage to make a fresh start. 

Romance is a definite highlight this month. Stay open-hearted and discover new ways to fall in love. 

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