Libra (September 22 – October 22)

You have a reputation for being indecisive, but this is about to change. The crash-course in spiritual development you’ve recently taken has helped you tune into intuition. So, you can better assert your preferences. Like a runner at the starting line of a race, you’re poised for action. Mars, the individuation planet, enters your sign on October 3. When faced with a simple or complex choice, there’s no perfect path. Make a good-faith call and move onward. 

At the beginning of the month, several planets in your sign illuminate possibilities for recognition. For what would you like to be known? Focus on the answer to this question, and you could discover ways to attract the right kind of attention. The Full Moon on October 13 helps you push through fears of failure. Reach out for help and connect with associates.

Your ruling planet, Venus, starts the month in your sign, allowing you to see the best in yourself. Others will see your brilliance, too! This is an excellent influence for hosting a party or planning a shopping adventure. 

Financial matters could be present on your mind after October 8, especially after October 23. Dream big, and you could imagine new ways to experience abundance in your life. 

During Libra season, we all have love on our minds. If you are single, relax and let go of fear. It will happen in divine time. If you are partnered, the Full Moon on October 13 helps soften your heart and allows you to experience love to the fullest. 

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