Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

For the first part of 2019, you could feel as if you have a bubble of protection around you, guarding you against negativity or ill will. Maintain this sense of assurance if you encounter tests of faith in January, June, and September.

Jupiter shines his light in your career sector throughout the year, presenting you with opportunities for recognition and success, but you have to be careful to choose the most expansive path available. Follow whatever sparks passion. Even if you do not fully manifest a dream, that enthusiasm is your soul’s calling. While you usually are quite sensitive to others’ emotions and energies, this year, you have too much momentum for distractions.

The eclipses in January, July, and December could mean new beginnings for your personal life. Shifting circumstances with friends could raise questions of loyalty. On July 2, you could enter a new social circle of like-minded people. Do not stand at the sidelines during last half of the year; step into the spotlight where others can see you in all of your brilliance.

On March 6, Uranus moves into your third house, inspiring new ideas and helping you finish writing a book or develop a curriculum for a class.

The eclipses on January 5, July 2, and December 26 highlight romance in your love life. Expect huge emotional breakthroughs throughout the year as you learn lessons in trust or brave a new beginning in love. With each crossroad you face, you will need to step forward in faith, while also being cautious about practical matters, like finances.

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