Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

appy birthday!! Your creative potential is at an all-time high early in the month as the Sun moves close to Neptune, your modern ruling planet. What is your biggest dream? To make it happen, seek out a tribe of supportive friends with whom you can collaborate, brainstorm, and celebrate successes. You might even consider joining a mastermind group. You are not alone, and the universe wants to show you how loved and supported you are, especially around the time of your birthday! Receive all sorts of gifts. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, stations retrograde on March 8, and you could revisit decisions to further your education. If you have wanted to go back for an advanced degree, this could be your time. Explore all options. You may also be asked to teach or share your knowledge with others. 

Finances improve after March 6, when Venus shines her light in your second house. You may come up with new ways to earn an income, like starting a side hustle. Stay optimistic about your overall finances, as they will continue to improve, especially after March 20, when you could receive a gift from out of the blue. 

We start the month with the planet of relationships in your sign until March 6, and your birthday celebration could involve romance. If you are in a relationship, you will have several opportunities to fall in love all over again, but only if the relationship is balanced. This month, investing energy, time, and resources in yourself will help you attract the kind of love you want. You deserve it all.

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