Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

You are a generous helper, ready to offer advice or lend a hand to anyone in need. While this is an admirable trait, you may need to set some parameters for yourself this month. It would be easy to allow yourself to be distracted by others, and you could lose focus for some of what you’re trying to create in your life right now. You have manifesting power! So, honor your goals and top priorities. Then, after that, share your time and resources with those who most appreciate what you have to offer.

The new moon on June 3 brings all of your attention to your relationships. You could have profound realizations about how to face intimacy fears and experience more love in your life. Stay open-minded, and love could surprise you. Venus enters your relationship sector on June 9, making this month a romantic time.

Venus also helps you to discover ways to partner with others in business affairs as well. Connect with others to expand your social and professional networks.

Financial matters could weigh on your mind, especially after June 14. You may consider finding new ways to invest your resources after June 21. Consult with your advisor to look at the various possibilities available for you. Issues of self-worth and personal value may underlie your current financial concerns. By restructuring your notion of who you are and all that you offer to the world, you could discover ways to achieve more financial security, no matter what your economic status may be.

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