Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is moving forward after its retrograde cycle. So, too, you could feel inspired to move ahead in life, though you may need to discern which opportunities to seize and which to forego. If you feel uncertain about work or love, tune out the static in your mind. Align yourself to the beating of your heart and feel the rhythm. You’ll know a decision is in your best and highest good if your heartbeat tells you. When your mind stutters and chatters, it speaks the voice of fear. 

On September 21, you could have a spiritual awakening. Pay attention to what events are happening in your life. If you start to doubt others or question yourself, seek guidance. If you find yourself engaged in a conflict, resist the urge to hold too tightly to your perspective. See through the eyes of compassion and act accordingly. This is the third exact square in a series. Think about the themes were up in January and June for insight about what events might unfold this month. 

After September 14, you could be busy with social and community affairs. If you are single, a connection with a friend could lead to romance. If you are involved in a relationship, you could face some challenges early in the month. Remain optimistic. The end of the month is favorable for experiencing more enjoyment both individually and together, especially on September 24.  The New Moon on September 28 suggests you will have a meaningful encounter. 

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