Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Raise your voice and be heard. Though you are usually a private person, you have important messages to deliver this year. Write, teach, speak, or tweet your ideas. You could reach a new audience through social media or market yourself in business. However, make sure you deliver the right messages in the most effective ways during the eclipse seasons in January, July, and December. Sensitivities can run high, and you want to communicate effectively.  

So, proofread everything twice, and speak with strength as well as compassion. Jupiter shines on your finances, increasing your earning potential and offering surprise money-making opportunities. That said, you need to watch your spending. Jupiter can inspire optimism but also an inflated sense of hope, which needs to be tempered to prevent excess in June and September.

Relationships with siblings or close friends could undergo notable changes in the summer. You may have profound realizations or reach a new understanding of those relationships as you uncover the truth about the past. You could also decide to strengthen those bonds.

In March, Uranus, the planet of electricity, moves into your relationship sector, sparking change in your love life. You may reinvent your relationship, or your urge for freedom could lead to a new beginning. Either way, expect exciting developments. Release regret and resentment to feel more liberated in love. Mercury is in your sign in October and November, and when it stations retrograde on October 31, hold a letting go ceremony to end the year open-hearted and willing to fall deeper in love.

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