Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

By observing synchronistic happenings in your life, you begin to realize synchronicities add up to form a trail of guideposts the universe leaves for you to find your way. Think about your life right now. Since October, have you experienced more strange coincidences? More déjà vu? If so, consider those signs you are on the right path and keep going. 

If you have been on a quest to find your twin flame, you might have a sudden awakening around the time of the New Moon on May 15, which can open your heart to new romantic possibilities. Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises, moves into your opposite sign, Taurus, on May 15, ushering in a time of profound change in your personal relationships. Therefore, if you’re tired of being single, hang in there! If you are in a relationship already, you might experience a brand new beginning with your partner. Excitement will be a relationship theme for you until 2025, and you are in for an adventure!  

On May 19, Venus, the planet of love and relationships moves into compatible water sign Cancer. You could receive an invitation to take a spontaneous trip or romantic getaway at the end of the month. Travel plans will charge your spirit and help you connect with friends, old and new.   

The beginning of the month is also a good time to cultivate business partnerships. On May 13, you could start a new project with a partner. Success is imminent, with Jupiter shining in your sign until November. Think strategically but expand beyond your comfort zone. 


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