Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Fasten your seatbelt; you are in for a ride in 2019! Uranus, the planetary rebel, moves into your sign on March 6, helping free you from fear and complacency. It wants you to live passionately and playfully. So, release self-imposed or culturally defined limitations, and head into a new chapter.

Start the year by making slight adjustments to your appearance to reflect your new way of being. A personal revolution is on the not-too-distant horizon, but you have time to prepare by taking these sorts of steps. Jupiter’s influence encourages you to save and invest your resources as well as seek passive income opportunities. 2019 could also be a favorable time to secure a mortgage or other kinds of financing.

Having faith can help you build immunity to the political, environmental, or economic fears swirling in the collective right now. Fear can be contagious, but so can courage. Realize your stability in life has more to do with your resilience than any external safety nets you may have established. In times of doubt, break up your routine. For example, travel can help open your imagination to possibilities.

Since this is a year of profound spiritual growth, your relationships could undergo a metamorphosis, too. In January, June, and September, you may see your love interest through rose-colored glasses, especially a new relationship. Because of this, you could overlook potential challenges or become lost in a hopeful fantasy. Take your time to get to know someone before handing them a key to your place, much less your heart.

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