Happy birthday! Recently, scientists discovered the upper atmosphere of Uranus is made up of clouds of hydrogen suffer, the molecule that makes rotten eggs smell so bad. Well, you can imagine the fart jokes circulating on the Internet! This news made headlines just weeks before Uranus makes a major ingress into your sign, where it will be until 2025. Uranus is the planet of change, surprises, and new beginnings. For a fixed-sign Taurus, these words can trigger an anxiety spiral. Your stable sign likes life to remain consistent and predictable. This Uranus transit suggests: Things are going to change! How? We don’t quite know. Uranus prefers to shock and surprise us, after all. To help ease you into its transition, Uranus shifts into your sign with a joke, asking you to take life a little less seriously. It asks you to play a little. Even if your sense of humor is too sophisticated for fart jokes, maybe you could at least let your face relax into a smile. There you go! Now, you’re ready for an adventure. It starts on May 15 and will continue on and on. 

On May 13, Mercury enters your sign, and you might notice a surge of creative energy. This is excellent if you are a writer or need to brand yourself in a new way. You could receive an opportunity from out of the blue on May 15, with the influence of the New Moon. If you seek investors for your business or want to solidify relationships with prospective clients, then prepare your pitch materials by May 10. Your day in the spotlight could come at any moment.

On May 29, the energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius could motivate you to rethink your offerings to the world. How do you make a difference? What is your purpose? Most importantly— does your income reflect the immensity of your contributions? Questions like these could be swirling through your mind. Though this is not exactly a time for answers (that will come by next month’s Full Moon), your inner dialogue could lead to financial breakthroughs. You might consider discussing your financial fears, hopes, and goals with a coach, therapist, good friend, or advisor. The dialogue can help broaden your perspective.

Let’s talk about love. Jupiter, the planet of expansion is in your seventh house of partnership. If you are single, you could feel urged to face your biggest relationship fears and push past them, opening yourself to possibilities. Because Jupiter is retrograde, you might reconnect with someone from your past, especially on May 25, when romance reaches epic levels for you. If you in a relationship, you could experience a renewed sense of connection with your special someone, especially if you have recently overcome rough times. You could have a chance to celebrate after Venus enters the nurturing sign of Cancer on May 19. The end of the month would be an excellent time to plan an anniversary ceremony and invite your friends and family.