Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

At the beginning of the month, you could seek to bring more order to your life. Assess how you could feel more organized and in charge. Attend to the papers on your desk, clean messy drawers, and clear items off your task list. Completing simple chores like these will enable you to be more productive, leading to 2020. After all, you’re on a mission! You have the motivation you need to reach success. So, clear distractions.

Venus shifts into Scorpio on October 8, and you could become consumed with thoughts of love and relationships. Forgive yourself and others for past disappointments, and reframe those experiences for yourself so you can see the gifts you received. Forgiveness can soften rough edges and heal heartbreaks. By the New Moon on October 27, you can set intentions, and this may involve commitment. We could hear wedding bells in the near future!

The Full Moon on October 13 highlights self-care, and you could go on a health kick. If so, make sure you set yourself up for success. Solicit support or sign up for group activities. Develop a structure for sticking with it, especially as we head into the holidays. 

In business, focus more on strengthening partnerships, especially after October 23. Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on October 31, and you could feel more introverted at the end of the month. Don’t even try to multitask; focus on one thing at a time. Think of this as being a lesson in living in the present moment. 

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