Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

As a Taurus, you were born to experience the physical senses to the highest levels! This month, indulge. Accept any of your present desires, knowing you can be discerning about which ones to feed and which to channel into other outlets. For example, you don’t have to eat all the chocolate cake, but acknowledge the desire without judgment. 

The Full Moon on September 13 shines a spotlight on your social life. Accept invitations, as you are more open to meeting new friends and forming lasting connections. Some of your social activities may even inspire creative ideas.

Professionally, this month presents two distinct themes. At the beginning of the month, you have fresh ideas and a desire to express them. This makes you quite a performer, and you may enjoy sharing your work in a more public way. Then, after the Equinox on September 23, your focus shifts, and you can accomplish tasks that support manifesting your ideas. You could have a stroke of genius around September 1. Keep a journal at the beginning of the month so you can later remember any insights, dreams, or visions. 

You could feel lucky in love, especially before September 14. If you are single, you could adopt a more hopeful outlook and open yourself up to love’s possibilities. If you are involved, you might feel more relaxed in your current relationship. Perhaps you and your partner could discover a way to rekindle the spark that initially drew you together. Release expectations, and fall back into the arms of trust. 

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